kennel Iikka-Likka, groenendaels since Iines, 1993

O-litter born 8.3.2015 (1+3)

s. NO MVA SEVV-15 ETERNITY'S VICI (Valkohampaan Chef d'Oeuvre & Hexen House Eternityh)

d. DAME BRUNE DE BRUNALINES (Very Good de Brunalines & Une Brune de Brunalines)

litter photos

dog hips elbows eyes valid spine testicles teeth other
m.Obsession, Obi AA 00 - LTV0 (normal)
SP0 (normal)
VA0 (normal)
defective correct  
f.Ocean Heart, Oche AA 00 clear 1/2020 LTV0 (normal)
SP0 (normal)
VA0 (normal)
- correct mother of our P-litter
f.Oasis Pearl, Sissi AA 00 - - - correct exported to DK, kennel Si-Stell's


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